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If something is important to you, don't you know where to find it?


When you can't find it, you panic - car keys, wallet, credit card, jewellery box etc. [It must be in the house, yeah?]


If it's valuable, with a monetary measurement, almost every owner's eyes watch and monitor the location of this said item. As soon as danger appears, action follows. When Northern Rock hinted that it was in trouble, a crowd quickly formed outside to withdraw cash and instantly.


Why is it that a £2 coin doesn't show a serial number, but bank notes of £5 and above do? When the £5 coin is released, don't check for a coin ID, it's vanished. In fashionable terms, the new £5 coin is the new £2 and slides down the list of important, valuable things in your pocket. So the coin forgers are rubbing their hands. We're told they are pocketing millions from faking £1 coins.


So, after all that ranting, what links important items, watching and identity?


The answer, seats in public spaces.


Streets are filled with Local Authority items. Street lighting, traffic lights, control boxes, illuminated road signs, non-illuminated road signs, fingerpost signs, bollards, bus shelters, traffic signal posts, street lighting columns, directional signs and posts, pedestrian crossings, dog bins, litter bins and seats, just to mention nearly all.


Now let's return to important items. Each item of street furniture with an ID or serial number is important and maybe, valuable in terms of function. The Highways Dept. is usually responsible for watching and taking action if there's a problem. Press stories describe how residents are encouraged to be involved and report faults.


The writer has never seen a village seat with a serial number ID. You telephone the Council, "Street lighting column 232 is damaged." That's all is needed. That Department knows the location and will investigate any previous damage, then take action.


But who cares about seats? With no ID who knows where they are? The condition of several seats causes concern, showing a state of neglect and occasionally, damage. No official with a clipboard is testing the appearance and usefulness of the street seat. Invisible and forgotten. "Stand Up For Your Seats!"



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