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Legs Eleven - solid metal, metal tube, wood, stone and concrete

Seat Watch has found that seat legs come in all shapes sizes and materials. The photographs illustrate six options, with a variety of materials. Two of the designs link the back and front legs with a strengthening support.


Solid metal legs

Metal tubing legs

Wood legs

Stone legs

Concrete legs


Two of the seats have a curved seating platform.


Just one of the seats has a metal seat area, but the design curves down at the front giving the sitter some comfort behind the knees.


The seating platform on five of the village seats are made of wood. The designers opted to have a different number of pieces of wood to construct the platform.


The number of pieces range from just 1 plank, through 2 and 3, to 8 pieces.


A flat seating platform must be easier to make, but just three seats in these illustrations are flat. The curved and more expensive platforms show nice features for the user.


Just For Fun. No prizes.

The writer has no information about the age of the designs, so perhaps the reader would like to place the seats in chronological order, starting with the oldest.