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Are Village Seats Worth Saving?


Older village seating is vanishing. Its being left to slide away

into a big black hole of indifference that some would call,

"uneconomic repair."


Don't get me wrong, some of the modern seating designed by computers is excellent, but (there's always a "but" - [sidebar] appropriate for seating!) we're abandoning our seat Heritage into the recycling skip.


Are we trashing the memories of those first dates, arranged

on the seat near the park gates, where we had to meet in

public, with a chaperone nearby?


It's only when you see almost 100 different responses to the request, "Make the community a seat. . ." may you be aware of such diverse designs, side by side.


Seats made from a single tree trunk, old stone windows, over

a wall, in an alcove, with its own steps, shaped like a boat, a

multitude horse shoes, lounge-style curved arms and back.


Future generations will not be aware of some unusual, if not rare, street furniture designs unless a photographic Street Audit is created and archived. Seats made before computers (SMBC) are unique.


If any reader has an interest in local Heritage and would be

willing to take a photograph of any seat they see, please

contact me. A mobile phone camera usually take a satisfactory

picture. A digital camera takes even better photos.


If your community has a website with photographs showing seating, please contact Seat
Watch via the Forum and maybe we can arrange a link?


Are village seats worth saving? It's the local community that controls the budget or influences the decision-makers. If the actual seat is not worth restoring or preserving, due to financial restraints, surely a photographic archive is essential and urgent before it’s too late.

The Recycler cometh.