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A Seat for Every Emotion.

Tired? Elated? Solitude? Crowded? There's a seat for you.


Seats are not always just for sitting on and not always along the side of a road.


A sprawled out individual overlooking a stretch of water that disappears into the horizon is often linked to the idea of freedom.


There's something magical about a seat in an area of outstanding beauty, especially if the sitter has the time to visually take in the landscape. Reaching out for that flask of tea and a biscuit, from a rucksack trapped between their light-weight boots, ramblers who have climbed hills and mountains, feel elation on their physical triumph. A long look at how far they have climbed, makes the effort and hot, sweaty socks worthwhile. But not every high-point has a seat, but always a sitting down place.


Sitting on a seat so far from traffic noise that the place is silent, makes one appreciate solitude. It's well known that the human brain drops down an aural filter if a person lives near a railway line, flight path or main road. After a while, the noise is blanked out. The opposite may be true for a location with no road or commercial sounds - the ears are seeking distant noises, indicators that civilization is still moving about, out there.


A seat may be located to provide an interesting local view for a pedestrian, rather than a walker, say at the far end of a village street.


Seats accommodate those wishing to meet up, talk or share a sandwich, fish and chips or other Take Away food together. This is more noticeable in seaside towns. You'll notice seats and litter bins are located together, where the sitting visitor is likely to have some packaging to discard.


Seats in retail area are like a parking zone for shoppers. Bags surround the feet. Children explore the floor and under the seat. Mothers shout and other shoppers look away.


You can find outdoor seats in areas of free public access, such as restaurants, hotels, B&B, public houses, shopping malls, farm shops, parks and so on.


Tourist places of interest have seating, but sometimes the visitor has to pay an Entrance Charge.


Transport. You'll always find seats where trains, buses and airplanes intersect with walking travellers. Only VIPs change from limousines directly on to the steps leading up to an airplane's door. No waiting around for celebrities and important people.


A seat is an invitation. In some locations, a necessary amenity provided by Councils.


Where and when did you last do more than just sit on seat? A seat with a view? A seat to recover? A seat to chat? A seat to eat?


Perhaps you may be able to simply admire the aesthetic qualities of the next seat you see.