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Hand-made Village Seats are not being restored, but replaced by manufactured flat packs. The older locally crafted Village Seat is a bespoke public sculpture and valuable part of our Heritage.

On one street, the old seat looks neglected, when the latest seat is fixed across the other side.

If a seat had the same status as a tree, then maybe our Village seats would have a Listed classification. "Its loss would have a significant impact on the environment and its enjoyment by the public." That's the case for a Local Authority to issue a TPO, Tree Preservation Order.


Yet all over Yorkshire our Village Seats are in danger of disappearing from public spaces - some by a squeezed maintenance budget, some by an uneconomic repair write-off and some removed by the men from the Council Depot as an enforced Seat Retirement Plan. Why no Preservation Order for our distinctive Village Seats?


The most common construction is a combination of wood and metal, but all wood is a close second.

Communities are proud of their public spaces and many villages protect their identity, their environment and their social activities from generation to generation. Councillors should look upon the Village Seat as a sculpture and located to enhance a village's unique historic character.
Unique seats have the potential to become a tourist attraction. Traditional materials and local crafts are ignored as seats in "acrylic resin polymer and alumina trihydrate fillers to be anchored by hammer drills and bolts” become the popular choice.

How's that advert go – one day all village seats will be like this? Yorkshire folk stand up for your Heritage and your Village seats.

Old Village Seats Replaced With Flat Packs?


Old with new. The old crafted seat remains in view.